About Us

A New Era of Property Management, Expertise & Service

We strive to deliver an unmatched Property Management Service, focusing on Service Excellence and meticulous attention to detail as well as always being in touch with our client’s needs.

Specialist Commercial and Residential Property Management

Not Just Another Property Management Company!

At Venkam Properties, we integrate experienced professional managing agents with the added benefit of retaining a professional firm of Attorneys as a legal arm, spearheaded by knowledgeable Attorneys, as a single all-inclusive package.

Our Mission

To drive a quality management service by understanding the client, and implementing the best possible measures to ensure the best possible outcome.

Our Vision

To create a successful management company that combines expertise and experience to deliver an unmatched service that is always in touch with its client’s needs.

Why Venkam?

We Are Problem Solvers!

Venkam Properties

Extensive experience in property management allows us to identify and address the major concerns within the workings and operations of management practices.

Our focus is on developing a deep understanding of our client’s needs and on how best to meet those needs in the most cost-effective and expeditious manner through:


Proactive Management


Meticulous Attention To Detail


Swift Turnaround Times


In-House Legal Team


Continuous & Comprehensive Communication With Clients

Our Team

Young & Dynamic



Founding Director

Louis is the founding director of Venkam Properties and heads the Strategic and Recoveries Department of the Company, where he focuses his efforts on providing support to the operational team as well as driving the recoveries process.

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After obtaining the BA, BA Hons (Industrial Psychology) and LL.B degrees at the University of the Free State, Louis started his career in Gauteng as a litigation and commercial attorney. He gained invaluable experience in property management as well as related litigation.

Although Louis is always working to expand his knowledge, he enjoys the relational aspect of property management, including developing mutually beneficial relationships with clients to which he adds value.



Financial Director

Janie is a professional accountant and the financial director for Venkam Properties with more than 15 years’ experience in account management she strengthens our executive team with her in-depth knowledge in auditing, financial risk management and controls.

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After obtaining her B.Com Accounting degree from the University of the Free State and Honors (CTA) from UNISA, she completed her audit articles with Mazars.

Janie’s extensive experience as an internal auditor, in both the public and private sectors, includes 8 years of being part of listed companies as well as being the Group Management Accountant for a JSE listed multi-subsidiary.

Under the close guidance of Janie’s keen hand, the financial department of Venkam is the backbone of sound and responsible accounting. Their focus on work ethic, commitment and problem solving coupled with the drive to exceed client expectation, continues to set an industry standard like no other.

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