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At Venkam we offer a wide range of services, to ensure we deliver customer service excellence. Maintaining the client’s Books of Account in terms of the requirements of the Sectional Titles Act / Sectional Titles Schemes Management Act / Companies Act and Generally Accepted Accounting Practice, operating through our trust account on behalf of the Home Owners Association / Body Corporate / Residents Association. We are registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board and hold the relevant Fidelity Fund Certificates issued by the Board.

Accounting Function
  • Pay expenses incurred in the administration of the property (including rates, taxes, charges and any other expenditure approved by the Directors/Trustees/Committee Members).
  • Preparation and payment of Creditors.
  • Preparation of monthly Management Accounts.
  • Retain proof of all monies received, payments and disbursements settled.
  • Provide monthly statements of receipts and expenditure, supported by copies of vouchers and invoices upon request, including an analysis of debtor’s balances and a comparison to monthly budget.
  • Assist in the preparation of annual estimated income and expenditure.
  • Debit order administration charge at a minimal cost per transaction will be recovered from each individual owner authorizing Venkam to debit their account on a monthly basis. Subject to annual increases.
  • Debit order facility charge at a cost per month will be recovered from the Complex / Estate when this facility is activated. Fee subject to annual increase.
    Annual License fee which will be recovered from the Complex / Estate when the debit order facility is activated. Subject to annual increases.
  • Assist the appointed tax officer / practitioner in order to comply with the requirements of the South African Revenue Services.
  • Issue of Clearance figures and certificates per request. This charge is recovered from the seller. Fee subject to annual increases.
Collection of Levies & Other Monies
  • Demand, recover and collect monthly levies.
  • Issue of monthly levy invoices.
  • Raise compounded interest on arrear levies at the prescribed rate determined by the Minister from time to time.
  • If necessary, we will initiate legal proceedings against defaulting debtors for any arrear levies. In addition, we provide support services to all clients (Terms & Conditions apply).
  • Attend to collect the Community Scheme Ombud (“CSOS”) levies as well as make payment thereof to CSOS and deliver the necessary reporting related thereto.

VENKAM PROPERTIES offers an added benefit of retaining a professional firm of Attorneys, VENTER AND ASSOCIATES, as a legal arm, as a single all-inclusive package to recover arrear levy and/or related amounts from defaulting owners.

Secretarial Services
  • Retain the statutory records, minute books, attendance registers, rules and all other records and files pertaining to the Complex / Estate.
  • Draft and dispatch circulars, notices, agendas, concept proxy and nomination forms for General Meetings of owners (excluding copying cost).
  • Draft and dispatch notices relating to Directors/Trustees/Committee Members meetings.
  • Attendance, taking of minutes and distribution of the minutes related to the Annual General Meeting of the Complex / Estate.
  • Coordinate and attend 4 Directors/Trustees/Committee Members meetings, taking of minutes and distribution of the minutes to the Directors/Trustees/Committee Members.
  • Assist and advise the Directors/Trustees/Committee Members on procedural matters relating to the operation of the Complex / Estate.
  • Assist in the enforcement of The Rules and/or MOI adopted by the Complex / Estate.
  • Instruct the duly nominated agent/auditor and ensure the upkeep of CIPC records.
Repairs & Maintenance
  • Support clients in monitoring and informing of repair and maintenance of the property/common property.
  • Support clients with providing information related to possible and/or suitable contractors to perform the necessary repairs and maintenance as well as obtain the required number of quotations.
  • Instruct contractors to proceed with the necessary maintenance and/or repairs.
  • Follow up and ensure that the maintenance was done to the satisfaction of the Directors/Trustees/Committee Members prior to payment being released to the contractor.
  • Assist client in obtaining valuations of the property for insurance purposes and/or arrange for valuations by suitable professionals.
  • Assist client in obtaining comparative quotes in respect of a suitable insurance policy tailored to the needs of the Complex / Estate.
  • Advise client, after consultation with the duly appointed insurance broker and/or insurer of the Complex / Estate, on inclusion and/or exclusion of claims under the insurance policy.
  • Submit and monitor insurance claims on client’s behalf.
  • Prepare the statements of account and arrange the annual audit with auditor.
  • Liaise with Auditors during the audit and monitor the finalization of the Annual Financial Statements.
Employee’s Remuneration
  • To pay on behalf of the client, all employee salaries, wages, UIF, PAYE and workman’s compensation.
  • Assist through our legal arm in providing employment contracts in accordance with the current Labour Relations Act, information related to disciplinary codes, disciplinary hearings, and the like.
  • Registration and administration of an employee on the payroll system at a cost per employee, which is subject to annual increases.
  • Bulk SMS facility notifications to all owners (i.e. water/power outage, gate maintenance, etc.)
Online Web Portal
  • The system was created to provide our clients with direct and immediate access to levy statements as well as relevant documents including correspondence, notifications, Complex / Estate rules and/or policies in respect of the property and/or estate you invested in.
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